GTA V For Next Gen Consoles And PC Release Date

GTA 5 Gext Gen

It has been highly rumored since GTA V came out that it would also be available for next gen consoles as well as the PC. Although it was not sure whether Rockstar had been planning to port the top selling game of all time over to the newer consoles, we can at least say it more positively with this new rumor. 

Apparently a gaming website in the Czech Republic called “Super Gamer” has listed GTA V for next gen consoles and also for PC, giving the game a release date of June 13th, 2014.

This is big news considering the number of online player has diminished for GTA V after its struggles to get the cloud up and running, and it appears that many players have left to go play other games or next gen consoles. However GTA V was never released on PC which is strange to hold a great game from a community that has always been supplied what they demanded when it comes to Rockstars games.


So will the game actually come out on July 13th, or is this just some kind of hoax? Well it is a rumor and although the listings do also show pictures of the titles we can’t for 100% certain say that it will be July 13th. We at least need to hear that Rockstar is working on a next gen port of the game.


So is this for real or did someone just make a mistake, and do you want to see GTA V for next gen and pc? Log In and tell us what you think in the comments below!