January’s PlayStation Plus Free Game For PS4

Dont Starve

Ever since you got your PS4 with the 30 day trail of PlayStation Plus haven’t you wanted a new PlayStation Plus free game to play? Well I know I’ve certainly been waiting for something… But like all waits, this one has come to an end. On January 8th the PlayStation Store will be updated giving the game “Don’t Starve” to all PlayStation Plus members, in Europe and Australia at least… 

This information comes from the EU PlayStation Blog, so it has not been said what will arrive in the US and other country’s yet, but if I were to guess I would say that the other countries will be receiving “Don’t Starve” as well. I’m only saying that because PlayStation Plus will also bring new games to these other countries but there are really no other cheap or old games that PlayStation can give out for free besides Don’t Starve because they’ve already given everything else or can’t afford to give out full games.

If your upset that nothing is set in stone for the US and other countries yet, don’t fret, for we have recently found out that Killzone Shadow Fall will be giving out a free, four day long trial of the full online multiplayer portion of the game later this month for the US.

Update: “Don’t Starve” has been confirmed as January’s PlayStation Plus Free Game in the US!

Source: EU PlayStation Blog


What game do you think will come out next for PlayStation Plus members in the US and other countries? or what game do you want to play for free with PlayStation Plus? Tell us what you think in the comments below!